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## Last edit: Nov. 10/2016 Blackbird Changelog

v0.9.98 - Latest
- Added a switch to fix LAN connectivity problems after running Blackbird v0.9.97 or later (blackbird -l)
- Fixed Recovery mode not properly restoring some registry keys
- Fixed startup scanner sometimes not detecting autologgers as disabled
- Fixed most used apps not displaying in start menu after using Blackbird on older Windows 10 versions
- Fixed Blackbird 32bit version inconsistencies (reupload)

Special thanks to our users who helped us track down the problems very quickly.

- Full Windows 10 Anniversary/Redstone support
- Disabled several new scheduled tasks
- Disabled several new services
- Disabled new Autologgers
- Disabled settings syncing on Windows 10
- Disabled telemetry uploading on Windows 7 and changed the authorized proxy to localhost (due to October Rollup update - KB3192403)
- Disabled network auto-tuning (speed tweak)
- Patched Windows SMB user crendentials leak
- Patched Web Proxy Auto Discovery
- Patched Smart Multi-Homed Name Resolution
- Patched Link-local Multicast Name Resolution
- Added new hosts to blacklist
- Added switch to disable SmartScreen application checking (blackbird -a)
- Added switch to disable all default Background Access Applications on Windows 10 (blackbird -c)
- Added switch to kill all System Apps on Windows 10 (blackbird -kall)
- Added switch to kill Lockscreen on Windows 10 (blackbird -kl)
- Added switch to enable the Diagnostic Policy Service (blackbird -p)
- Added switch to disable SMB over NetBIOS and close listening port 445 (blackbird -e)
- Changed /f switch and default Blackbird behaviour to not disable Start menu most-used apps list
- Changed folder cache rebuilding to no longer get disabled on Windows 10
- Updated STD definitions
- Improved registry editing by getting proper SID of current user, better 64bit and extended ControlSet support
- Improved disabling of Windows Defender on Windows 10 (blackbird -d switch)
- Multiple small improvements and fixes (too many to list)
- Fixed progress bar bug that caused multiple bars & file-not-found errors to appear during usage. Bad devs.
- Fixed System Apps unable to be killed again when Windows updates revive them (backup issue)
- Fixed duplicated STD output bugs when removing/disabling tasks
- Fixed some temporary files not getting properly removed
- Fixed some scheduled tasks not getting disabled
- Fixed OneDrive background app not getting removed from startup
- Fixed Defender file reviewing/uploading not getting properly disabled
- Fixed Recovery mode not restoring DPS service
- Fixed Diagnosis folder-not-found errors
- Fixed Scan mode not detecting some registry strings correctly

- New, more awesome logo and icon
- Reduced binary size significantly
- Added support for up to 9 simultaneous command line switches
(Excluding: -r, -std, -scan ; Currently these modes can only be executed one at a time for stability reasons)
- Added full system scan switch (blackbird -scan)
- Added switch to skip update removal (blackbird -noupdate)
- Added switch to skip host blocking (blackbird -nohost)
- Added switch to skip system optimization/speed tweaks,etc. (blackbird -nospeed)
- Added new hosts to blacklist
- Added new update to blacklist (KB3173040)
- Additional P2P-UpdateSharing & WiFiSense registry keys disabled, just for kicks
- Additional Office 2015/16 logging/telemetry disabled
- Disabled Scripted Diagnostics remote server query on all Windows versions
- Disabled Scheduled Diagnostics on Windows 10
- Disabled Error Reporting completely on Windows Home editions and reset consent to zero
- Disabled unattended execution of CEIP and Error Reporting on Windows 10
- Disabled Cloud Experience Host ETW logging on Windows 10
- Disabled Peernet on all Windows versions
- Defender, MRT, CEIP data-leaks are now also patched on pre-Windows 10 versions
- Using external hosts.txt file now skips the internal blacklist (easier management)
- Better registry handling when keys are added dependent on system architecture (32/64bit)
- Improved setting of Diagnosis folder permissions on all Windows versions
- Fixed an issue with IPv6 addresses not getting blocked properly in some cases
- Fixed SpyTask Destroyer output errors when removing tasks
- Fixed Windows Defender data-leaks not getting patched properly
- Fixed duplicate entries in host blocker
- Fixed switches being case-sensitive
- Fixed progress bar errors when removing multiple Windows updates
- Attempt to fix an issue with Blackbird getting stuck at 99% for some users
- Small UI fixes
- Removed -e switch ("eMule LowID fix"), couldn't verify it helps anything

- Added "alpha build" automatic Lenovo/Dell "Superfish" removal (certificates, registry, files,..)
- Added switches to kill Windows 10 system apps:
blackbird -kc (Kills Cortana, previously was -k)
blackbird -ke (Kills Microsoft Edge)
blackbird -kf (Kills Windows Feedback/ContactSupport)
- Added new hosts to blacklist
- All blocked hosts are now set as metric=1
- Turned UPX compression back on for both 64 & 32bit versions. Let's see what happens.
- Better switch/exit handling (returns to prompt instead of closing window)
- Disabled "Cloud Consumer Experience Features" on Windows 10
- Disabled additional scheduled tasks on Windows 10
- Fixed Error Reporting registry keys not getting set properly
- Fixed OneDrive not getting removed from Explorer in some cases

- Added support for external hosts file (see ReadMe for more details)
- Added beta version of Blackbird STD (SpyTask Destroyer). See ReadMe for more information
- Added 'Enable OneDrive' switch (blackbird -o)
- Added 'Enable Sensors' switch (blackbird -t) to re-enable auto screen-rotation on tablets
- Added 'Disable Runtime Broker' switch (blackbird -b)
- Added 'Remove Blackbird Network Blocks' switch (blackbird -n)
- Added new KB update to blacklist (KB3150513)
- Disabled folder-cache rebuilding
- Disabled auto-reboot after installing updates on Windows 7/8
- Disabled additional scheduled tasks
- Disabled 'Program Compatibility Assistant' service on Windows 10
- New registry tweaks for Windows 10
- Now alerts the user if automatic updates are turned on (but does not disable them by default)
- Minor Verbose mode verbosity upgrades
- Fixed host blocker not resolving hostnames to IP addresses when DNS queries fail
- Fixed CloudServiceSync registry key unintentionally set to enabled
- Fixed a small output error in Verbose-mode when removing updates
- Fixed several GWX-trigger tasks not getting properly disabled
- Fixed a few scheduled tasks not getting properly restored when using Recovery-mode
- Attempt at fixing localization issues causing Blackbird scanner to report false information

- Disabled Windows 7/8 "Recommended updates received the same way as important updates" to prevent Windows 10 silent download
- Disabled Windows 10 LockScreen ads
- Added new KB updates to blacklist

- Partial rewrite/restructure:
AV false-positives should be less of a problem,
Removed KB update-hiding script for the time being (worked only on critical updates anyway).
- Host-blocker changes:
No temporary files created,
Should be a bit faster.
- Verbose-mode changes:
Fixed some updates not getting removed,
Fixed minor output errors,
Displays IP data of resolved host,
Scheduled tasks and hostnames now display in realtime as they're being disabled/blocked.
- Improved progress bar accuracy
- Small UI cosmetic tweaks
- Fixed Administrators-group permission bug when attempting to claim Diagnosis folder
- Fixed startup scanner bug that caused inaccurate Windows updates info to be shown
- Fixed UI scaling errors on Windows 10
- Fixed 'Kill Cortana' switch not closing processes properly
- Fixed Office 2016 telemetry not getting fully disabled

- Added checks at startup to prevent Blackbird applying to Redstone builds as they are not currently supported and may damage your OS
- Added network tweak (ecn capability)
- Added new KB updates to blacklist
- Added experimental "eMule LowID fix" switch (blackbird -e)
- Added "Show frequently used apps at Start menu" switch (blackbird -f)
- Added "Enable Xbox Live services" switch (blackbird -x)
- Fixed multiple Recovery mode bugs (biggest of which caused most used apps to not show in Start menu after recovery)
- Another attempt at fixing the W10 startup scan bug for realsies this time

- Switches can now be ran independently without applying Blackbird (excluding Verbose and Silent mode)
- Made some additional attempts at Skype ad blocking
- Dropped UPX compression (making the exe a little bigger) to evade AV false-positives
- Fixed (hopefully) a startup scan bug on Windows 10 that caused "reg key not found" errors to be shown in some cases

- Disabled additional AIT agents on Windows 7/8
- Disabled all currently known GWX triggers
- Added new servers to blacklist
- Added new KB updates to blacklist
- Disabled additional startup scheduled tasks
- Disabled additional global device access applications
- Multiple Recovery mode optimizations
- Fixed startup scanner bug that caused inaccurate Windows Updates info to be shown when running on Windows 8/8.1
- Fixed a scary bug that caused unresponsive start-menu on Windows 10 in some cases

- Added new servers to blacklist (Lenovo spyware included)
- Added disable hibernation switch (-h)
- Fixed some variables in IPv6 blocker (version 0.9.6 users should not be affected by this bug)

- Full IPv6 support (all interfaces;wifi/eth)
- Added new KB updates to blacklist
- Added removal of Windows 10 Upgrade pre-install files/folders on older Windows versions
- Fixed backgroundtaskhost.exe not getting temporarily killed on Windows 10 Home
- Fixed cleanup issue where in some cases not all Blackbird temporary files get deleted at exit
- Fixed some updates not properly hidden as of version 0.9
- Fixed security scanner not finding proper privacy keys causing "not found" errors on Windows 10 if custom settings where applied at Windows 10 setup

v0.9.1 - Hotfix
- Fixed "Telemetry = Not blocked" startup scan bug appearing in some cases, even if telemetry is properly blocked

v0.9 - "The UI Update"
- User interface overhaul
- Threshold 2 ready
- Added basic security scan at Blackbird startup
- Added '-m' switch for disabling Malicious Removal Tool updates
- Added new hosts to blacklist
- Added new KB updates to blacklist
- Disabled AutoLoggers on all Windows versions
- Fixed Windows Defender SpyNet reporting not getting disabled
- Fixed Internet Explorer privacy settings not applied correctly on pre-10 Windows versions
- Fixed WGA removal crashing Blackbird in some cases
- WGA is now removed automatically as we consider it rootkit-like software
- Code cleanup / re-structure (because Windows Defender does not seem to like us anymore)
- Various small bug-fixes

v0.89.3 - Hotfix
- All system AutoLoggers disabled
- Fixed Autologger-diagtrack-listener.etl not clearing properly
- Fixed Error Reporting Service not getting disabled on Windows 10
- Fixed spelling error in host blocker
- Various bug-fixes

v0.89 - "The Website Update"
- New logo,icon,website
- Full support for all Windows editions
- Speed optimizations; Blackbird should be much faster overall
- Host block addressing optimizations
- Explorer,Edge/IE,Defender,MRT data leaks patched
- WGA removal is now optional, user is prompted to attempt removal if WGA is found.
- Prevents user:SYSTEM read access to diagnostic data
- Additional network tweaks
- Additional Windows10-specific privacy tweaks
- Better service handling
- More services disabled
- More servers added to blacklist (+bonus blocked Skype, Youtube & Facebook ads)
- More KB updates added to blacklist
- Added '-k' switch to kill Cortana completely (prevents searchUI.exe from loading)
- Added '-r' switch. Restores all changes made by Blackbird to default Microsoft values
- Added '-v' switch for extra info/troubleshooting (verbose)
- Added '-u' switch to disable automatic installation of updates
- Added a help menu (-?)
- Windows Defender can now only be disabled with the -d switch
- Removed '-a' switch (alternative host blocking) as it was just hogging space and was not as effective.
- Various bug-fixes

- Full Windows 10 support; more spyware removed
- Removes WGA (user should re-run blackbird after rebooting to finalize WGA removal)
- Tracking servers now blocked by IP-range, using new embedded hostname resolver.
- Added '-s' switch for silently running blackbird with no user interaction required.
- Added '-a' switch to use an alternate host blocking method.

- More scheduled tasks disabled/removed
- More Microsoft data tracking servers blocked
- Added removal of Windows keylogging data stored locally
- DNS cache is now flushed for security reasons
- Added automatic hiding of critical KB updates to prevent re-installation.
- Disabled Windows network throttling.
- Cleaned up interface

v0.3.1 - Hotfix
- fixed parsing error

- public release